Celebrating being men in body and spirit!

On reflection 

I go into every retreat with no expectations but a reasonable level of preparation. I know that each retreat is shaped by the great teachers, a good thematic design and pacing, the brilliant creative projects and then the chemistry of diverse men working, creating, exploring together. The Explorer retreat of 2019 did not disappoint.

23 men spent 4 days exploring mind, body and spirit. We picked up a theme of the Katha Upanishad, an Indian myth of a pious young lad who travels to the world of the Dead to learn the secrets of existence. The weekend started with an exquisite blindfolded teaching by Sajiv. That just set the tone and we were off. Sean taught Iyengar influenced hatha yoga; Sam taught a magical Bhakti yoga, Eugene did a fiery vinyasa, Nigel taught a yin class, everyone joined energy to teach an inversion course followed by group and acro-yoga - always a crowd pleaser. Craig taught a masterful Budokon yoga drawing on the warrior theme. In between, David ingited…

Call for deposits: Winter Retreat 8-11 August 2019

We have sent out an email to those on our list for deposits for the Cape Men's Yoga winter retreat, 2019. This is a four day / three night retreat. It is exclusively for men and the yoga is done naked.

It takes place outside a small town in the Western Cape province of South Africa. We normally accept 22 men on a retreat. It is fully catered with great vegetarian cuisine. The farm is beautiful. Accommodation is mostly twin single beds. Though rustic the farm is well equiped.

The total price per person including everything except transportation is ZAR 2100. (which is Euro 131). Deposits are due by 27 May to secure your space. All of the teachers are certified yoga or pilates instructors.

For more information contact us on capemensyoga (@)

Cape Men's Yoga annual retreat: 8 - 11 August 2019

Dear Yoga brothers,

This is to confirm that we will be having another Cape Men's Yoga retreat at our favourite venue in the Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa.

CMY is a voluntary group of yogis based in Cape Town. For 7 years we organised annual or biannual retreats. Our aim is to create a space for you to come and practice, be in a place of kindness and meet some very special people in a beautiful natural environment. 

This is again a Winter retreat in the southern hemisphere:  8-11 August 2019. This is over the long-weekend, so it should be easier for people to join for the whole of the Friday practice. We will again offer the option of coming a day earlier to start with quieter meditation and yoga time, and then a full programme beginning on Thursday 8 August. This in practice means you can come for 4 nights, 3 nights or just the Friday and Saturday nights.

The exact cost of the retreat depends on a number of factors, including how many men will attend, how many nights you wan…

Classes every Sunday in Claremont

Cape Men's Yoga

Cape Men's Yoga is doing great. We have a mix of vinyasa yoga and pilates classes for men, all done naked with just a smile on your face.

Get in touch with us at capemensyoga (@) or whats up on 082 579 6868 and we can give you details. 10h30 to 12h15 every Sunday at a private studio in Claremont. Open to men of all ages, cultures, religions and sizes.

If you have an injury or medical condition, check with a doctor or specialist first and tell your teacher. We want a no injuries practice. Especially if you have eye pressure or blood pressure issues, you must get professional advice before starting yoga.

Get it off and get on that mat, dude.

Brotherhood flourishes at the Winter Retreat 2018

Yoga is about a lot of things. Sometimes it is about the body, sometimes it is more about the mind, sometimes it is about the spirit, and sometimes it is about the community we create. Yoga is based on yamas and niyamas, a code of conduct for how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. It is a personal and a social practice.

This year's Cape Men's Yoga Winter Retreat was entitled Reunion. This was partly because Nigel came home to South Africa to help with the retreat, partly because many of the traditional teachers of CMY came back from their various journeys of body and mind, and partly it was a statement about reuniting with our personal path, with our beliefs and with ourselves. The word yoga, which comes from the Sanskrit yug, means to unite or harness.

Every retreat is so different. The dynamics change, some of the men change, the weather changes, the times of the year and of our lives change. What remains constant is the shared practice, the bonding, the learning to…

Cape Men's Yoga Winter Retreat: 24 - 26 August 2018

REUNION - Rediscover your world

Cape Town, South Africa

Yes, it is happening. We are very proud to announce that Cape Men's Yoga will hold one of its extraordinary weekend retreats, 24 - 26 August 2018.

It is a weekend of naked yoga, meditation, self-exploration, movement, art and creativity, for men, by men, whatever your sexual orientation.

The weekend is for men who already have a yoga practice. Regrettably, no beginners may attend as it is too physically demanding.

Bookings are open now. We will take only 21 men for this  retreat. At this stage we have five teachers attending, including various styles of yoga and pilates. There will be a TRE class that works with shaking as a form of emotional release. We will have several creative projects with some very gifted teachers.

All of our yoga teachers are professionally certified. They donate their time in this wonderous effort of co-creation.

To be immodest, our retreats are legendary and entirely on a voluntary basis, so for a fract…

Yes, Cape Men's Yoga is practicing in 2018

Dear yoga brothers,

Yes, we are naked on our yoga mats every Sunday in Cape Town's southern suburbs. 

Apologies that the blog page has been unmanned for a few months. Our founder (me!) has moved overseas and the media side of our communications has reverted mostly to word of mouth.

Cape Men's Yoga continues to meet weekly. We have moved from Constantia to a new space in Claremont. The new space is easily accessible with lots of public transport options, easy parking and Cavendish mall right nearby.

Sam and others have taken over the teaching and the classes flourish with about twenty guys a week including newcomers.

Remember those New Year's resolutions? Well, they are still valid.

Taking up yoga or rejoining your practice is a commitment to yourself and your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We are not your average yoga group - we focus on a holistic approach to yoga, the physical and the philosophical, dealing with movement and stillness.

We are also looking at a…