Cape Men's Yoga & Meditation: October Spring schedule

And here it is, our new Spring Schedule for October 2017:

1 October: Nigel with a vinyasa flow (and his finale);
8 October: Theo with his fun and challenging pilates core work out;
15 October: Our new teacher, Hans, offers a yin yoga class - slow and meditative;
22 October: Eugene with his great choreography offers you vinyasa flow;
29 October: A special surprise - we have another new teacher about to join. Watch this space.

For further information contact us by email:
Capemensyoga AT)
Whatsapp: 082 501 2009 (note the new number!)

Naked men's yoga in Cape Town - unique on our continent of Africa. Get the flow and spirit back into your life.


Cape Men's Yoga & Meditation 01 October 2017


October is here, summer is around the corner. Not enough water to get us through the long hot summer in Cape Town, but we keep on moving through our practice.

Bring your authentic self back to the mat, this Sunday 1 October, for a fun flowing pre-summer vinayasa yoga class. All male, all nude.

10.30 to 12.15 at our venue in the southern suburbs.

Beginners and more advanced students all welcome.

Get in touch for details on:
capemensyoga AT)
What s app: 082 579 6868

Special Cape Men's Yoga & Meditation Class - 24 September 2017

Dear Yogis,

Our class on 24 September 2017, will be the last one taught by our founder. He has a new job that will be taking him overseas.

We are busy trying to confirm a transition strategy for Cape Men's Yoga. To be frank, we are short of teachers at the moment, after having so many wonderful contributions and solidarity. Those who know CMY know that it is much more than a yoga group - it is a place to explore, to find kindred spirits, to open oneself up to new energy, new ideas, new potential. We've tried to create a space where you are welcome exactly as you are and to let that be sacred, special, respected and appreciated.

As this is to be a finale class, we expect a relatively high level of attendance. Kindly confirm on Facebook or by whatsapp if you intend to participate as we are limited to 28 spaces in the yoga hall.

We will do a vinyasa flow class with meditation. Join us for this special class at Africa's only nude men's yoga practice.

Bring your mat, sweat …

CLASS CANCELLED 17 September 2017

Dear yogis,

With much regret we have to cancel out Cape Men's Yoga class this Sunday, 17 September. There is a schedule clash at our venue and they only informed us now.

We are back on the mat on 24 September 2017.


Cape Men's Yoga: special pilates class Sunday 10 September 2017

We have a special class this week, Sunday 10 September. Theo will be teaching a naked pilates class. Theo is a qualified pilates instructor and a long standing member of Cape Men's Yoga. He has taught several nude pilates at our retreats - which have been awesome - and now you get a chance to experience this in a regular class.

10.30 until 12.15, this coming Sunday. You will need a sweat towel. Best to bring your own mat but we do have spares.

For further info contact us on
capemensyoga AT
Whatsapp 082 579 68 68

Cape Men's Yoga & Meditation: Sunday 3 September 2017

We have a vinyasa flow class this coming Sunday, 3 September.

Summer is approaching. Cape Town remains in the grip of a terrible drought - something we have to learn to live with. As the temperatures climb it is also a time for physical activity. Join us for our naked men's yoga practice.

Cape Men's Yoga is celebrating six years of bringing men together for authentic yoga practice - meditation, yoga asana, yoga philosophy and pranayama - we are a diverse group of men who strip our lives down to the skin and practice with a sense of community.

In today's class we explored how our mental state shapes each moment. This means know where your mind is at. If you don't need to be anxious, stressed, sad or craving something, then let that go, bring in some useful antidote like joy, compassion or loving-kindness. 

By finding inner happiness, inner stillness, an openness to this moment, so we create possibilities, space and happiness in the events that flow from this moment. It i…

August 2017 - CMY programme udpated!

(c) Photo by Paul Watson

August 2017 schedule for Cape Men's Yoga

Sunday 6 August:
Nigel will lead a yin yoga class. This is the slowest form of yoga. Involving the use of gravitational pull rather than muscular strength. It stimulates ligaments and fascia, helping the immune system and nervous system. It is sometimes challenging and requires quietening the mind. We only teach this once a season. Fine for beginners but more targeted to people with yoga experience.

Sunday 13 August
CMY is on retreat in the Overberg. The retreat is fully booked, no new applications thanks. THERE WILL BE NO CLASS AT OUR REGULAR VENUE in Cape Town. Yes, we had the most awesome retreat, pix to follow!

Sunday 20 August
Warren is a newly qualified yoga teacher and a professional dancer. He has a wonderful style combining mental focus, serenity with alignement and motion. We really recommend coming for this experience. 10.30 to 12.15 at our southern suburbs venue. Email or whatsapp for details.

Sunday 27 Augu…